bird's eye view, panama city beach, florida

bird's eye view, panama city beach, florida   •   2007-11-10

I can't believe that it's almost been 2 weeks since I've posted! My apologies to anyone who has dutifully returned my blog in the past 10 days hoping to see vacation photos. My vacation was wonderful and action-packed, which is my excuse for why I haven't kept up with my blog. That and I forgot my flash-card reader. Doh! Now that I'm back, however, I will try to post everyday. At first, I was planning on retro-posting, so as not to miss a day of consecutive posting. However, I've decided that's cheating. Therefore, I'm not going to go back in time, but rather I will start my posts from today and go forward. Everyone deserves a break now and then, even my photo blog. This first shot is was taken from our 20th floor hotel room in Panama City Beach, Florida. Me and a few friends from college went down to Florida to cheer on our friend Michelle as she competed in her first Ironman triathlon competition. As she was on the 112-mile-bike-ride portion of the race, we decided to come back to the hotel room and rest, exhausted from all of our extreme cheering:)

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